Advantages of PHP Programming

Open Source PHP is freely available for use. The community of open source PHP developers provides technical support and is constantly improving updating the core PHP functionalities. PHP is available at free of cost under PHP General Public License and most of its associative required software’s like MySQL, Text Editors and Apache Server are also […]

Python – The Coder’s Marathon Tool

  1. Easy Syntax Python’s syntax is easy to learn, so both non-programmers and programmers can start programming right away.   2. Readability Python’s syntax is very clear, so it is easy to understand program code. (Python is often referred to as “executable pseudo-code” because its syntax mostly follows the conventions used by programmers to […]


How Object Oriented Programming (OOP) works Object Oriented Programming is a design philosophy or “paradigm” which is organized around reusable chunks of code called “objects” rather than a procedural list of instructions to be completed. OOP has four main concepts: Encapsulation – hiding data implementation by restricting access Abstraction – decomposing complex systems into smaller […]

5 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Right Now

1. Business services Online business services can range from financial services such as bookkeeping and accounting to consulting. Some may require person-to-person interactions, but with today’s abundance of conferencing tools and online communication, it’s likely you can connect remotely. Online is a great way to generate business, says Ryan BeMiller, founder of digital marketing website Shopping […]


ABOUT DATABASE, PROGRAMMING AND WEB TECHNOLOGIES (DPW) Database, programming  and web technologies is one of three research groups at the Department of Computer Science. The group covers web science and engineering, data management and techniques and tools for data access, as well as the design, implementation, and application of programming languages and their environments and tools. […]


  The Information Technology programs allow students to prepare themselves for a variety of careers in the evolving communications and information industries. Through an innovative and integrated Information Technology curriculum, students complete a series of core computer courses and have the choice to major in technical services, interactive digital media, or e-commerce. Students gain valuable […]

Information Technology and Website Programming

MDB uses the latest information technology to produce, retrieve, manipulate, store, communicate, and disseminate information. MDB is highly skilled in developing and maintaining secure, robust, and flexible applications and IT solutions designed to meet specific client needs. Using our talented team, we analyze, design, develop, implement, support, and manage information systems, software applications, and computer/server […]